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Hello! Nice to Meet You
Owner & Founder
Hi! I'm Ellen - mom, wife, interior designer and proud owner & founder of Tranquility Den. I love art & design and everything to do with wellness. I combined my two passions to conceive this new spa concept that caters to the different ways people like to unwind.
Tranquility Den was inspired by my travels around the world to incredible and serene places. I wanted to bring that feeling of pure zen back home, so I set out to create a space where nature & nurture unite for an atmosphere that transcends the ordinary and makes you feel like you're far, far away from the stresses of everyday life... a warm, comforting place where you're greeted with a smile and a cup of tea, and you're pampered with a wonderful massage that's just the way you like it.
I'm not a massage therapist, but I've been a "professional spa goer" for over 15 years :) And I know exactly what a great spa experience entails. I've hired the best massage therapists who are as talented as they are kind and giving. We are passionate about creating the perfect relaxation experience for you!